Listomania: Radiohead Word Clouds

Radiohead fans are chewing their nails down to the hilt this week?

Why? Because, just a few days ago, the band announced that their new record The King of Limbs will be released on Saturday, February 19, both as a "newspaper album" and a digital download. It's the band's first release since In Rainbows in 2007.

The album art kind of speaks for itself, but NME reports that "The King of Limbs" refers to an oak tree in South England, as well as the 23rd chapter of Qur'an. Fairly interesting subject matter, we hope. As interesting as the topics at the center of past Radiohead albums, though? Tough to say.

In honor of new release, we recently ran Radiohead's lyrics (from the excellent Green Plastic Trees) through Wordle's awesome word cloud function. All of their lyrics. The results are pretty interesting. Check them out after the jump.

1. Pablo Honey

2. The Bends

3. OK Computer

4. Kid A

5. Amnesiac

6. Hail to the Thief

7. In Rainbows