Idol Rich: The North Texas Four Are Still Standing...

My guts were wrong, folks.

I know, given my wrap-up from Tuesday night's show, that I may have gotten you all stressed out (not really) and worried (only if you're related to them) that Todrick or Tim could be kicked off of American Idol this week.

Alas, no North Texas blood was shed during last night's elimination show.

Can I just say something, though? An hour long show? ONE HOUR? It's unnecessary and totally obscene to stretch out a results show past 30 minutes. No, we don't need a former contestant to perform--save that for later in the season. No, we don't need recaps or Ryan Seacrest teasing the contestants or judges' predictions. Why are the judges even there, really?

And we seriously don't need the loser(s) of the evening reprising the song that ruined their potential career. Yes, I get that it's meant to be some sort of bittersweet chance to grace the stage one last time--some creepy, prime-time swan song--but it's a cruel requirement. Watching a 16-year-old girl cry her way through Miley Cyrus' "The Climb" last night was out-and-out sad... and I didn't even like the contestant.

So, from now on, I'm watching the Idol results shows with my remote in hand and fast forward button at the ready.

That's just time I don't need to worry about getting back.