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"What Gave Birth To This Magic Fiero Noise?"

It's been baby step after baby step for The Fieros since...well, since they became The Fieros and stopped calling themselves The Valentines back in January.

That move came when the band aligned itself with Maroon 5 lawyer Jeff Worob. Then came the band's move from the Big D to the Big Apple back in late May/early June. And then came word in early July that the band had co-opted Midlake drummer McKenzie Smith for their own needs.

Now another baby step toward larger-scale recognition: The band was featured recently on the show "Feel My Heat" on Los Angeles' Indie 103.1 FM. The show, hosted byThat '70s Show's Danny Masterson (also a club DJ) and The Hills' Brent Bolthouse (also a party promoter), aims to feature up-and-coming indie artists and has recently spotlighted acts like Albert Hammond Jr., We Are Scientists and MSTRKRFT. So, at the very least, The Fieros are in good company by getting on the show.

The bad news: Masterson and Bolthouse were out of the studio for this take.

The good news: Whoever it was who replaced the normal hosts was pretty much gaga over The Fieros. No joke, the host uttered the lovefest of a sentence that is this post's title. Which, although kind, is a quite the ridiculously worded question.

Anyway, if you want to hear the broadcast, check it here. --Pete Freedman