This Week In Dallas Music History: Walker, Texas Ranger Finds A Killer On Baboon's Tail, Kinda.

Before Chuck Norris became a meme joke among bored nerds and college students, he roundhouse-kicked Texas criminals while serving as the titular character in Walker, Texas Ranger. And that show served up at least one memorable moment for the DFW music scene in 1996: Walker, Texas Ranger's final Season 3 episode, called "Hall of Fame," featured area rockers Baboon performing at Trees.

Our pal Wilonsky covered how that appearance came to be for the print product--a whopping 14 years ago to the day, believe it or not. More recently, on its MySpace page blog, Baboon offered up its memories of filming that episode. We highly recommend both--and, for posterity, check the aged, brown-page scan of Wilonsky's print write-up after the jump.

As for the concept of the episode? That was pretty simple: Walker followed a serial killer posing as a photographer at a Baboon show. It's not airing anytime soon on TV, but the episode is available on the Walker, Texas Ranger Season 3 DVD...