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If You've Got, Oh, $200K To Burn, This Might Interest You

I imagine Future Audio's equipment is more advanced than this. Just guessing.

A Friend of DC9 clued us into this Craigslist ad this afternoon, which promises "one of Dallas's [sic] top" and "first rate" recording studios in exchange for a cool two hundred grand. And, yeah, it made us curious, too.

What space is it? Well, the answer just rolled into our inbox via an email from the person behind the ad:

"The studio is Future Audio. We have been there about 14 years. Really great room. Large very nice control room with a smaller studio B, two prod rooms, nice size photo studio and other offices. Equipment is included in the deal, Protools, Otari, AKG, Mitsubishi, Urei, Neve, Genelec, Yamaha, and more."

So, uh, there you go, I guess. Now all you'll need is a mortgage or seven. --Pete Freedman