Tomorrow, ACL Announces Its 2011 Lineup. Today, We Share Our Best Guess On The Bill.

Tomorrow, we've been promised, the folks behind the Austin City Limits Music Festival will unveil the lineup of bands playing their 2011 offering, which, this year, for its 10th anniversary, will take place in Austin's Zilker Park on the third weekend of September.

And credit where it's due: The organizers are keeping a tight lid on the bill, while also cleverly leaking out some information at the same time.

We've never really been the types to sit around and wait, though. So, on that note, we decided to have some fun.

Knowing that it's the 10th anniversary of the festival (and figuring that there will be some clout behind such an occurrence), while also utilizing some leaked info and the fact that ACL is among the last of the summer festivals (and always culls part of its bill from other fest lineups), we decided to take our best educated guess at this year's offering.

And, hey, we think we did kinda OK. Even threw a few middling Austin acts on there, just for good measure. Not gonna lie, though. We mostly aimed for the stars and bought into a lot of the speculation. No worries; we had fun doing it. So check out it out -- in full-on poster form, no less -- after the jump.

Then, tomorrow, let's all join together to laugh at how terrible our guesses were. Deal?

Update 9:20 a.m.: The ACL Lineup has been announced. Stevie Wonder is to headline.