Alice in Chains Was the Highlight of Rocklahoma 2013

For all the pomp, pageantry and excess of the previous day in a field thirty miles from Tulsa, there was a lack of focus. Even though the simple fact that a Guns and Roses gig, with Axl Rose singing some of the most memorable, catchy, and energetic rock songs of the last thirty years can take place in 2013 *should* be something special, it never felt anything more than a painful two-hour plod by highly recompensed musicians well past their expiry date. It was the sort of big rock gig you could have seen anywhere. Big names at festivals should always be aspiring to produce not only a great performance but something that transcends even their usual great performance, channelling the energy of tens of thousands of people who have spent all day and all night getting wasted. Radiohead at Glastonbury (twice!) would be the perfect examples. No one present could ever possibly forget those performances.