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Last Night: Uh Huh Her At The Loft

Uh Huh Her The Loft October 21, 2008

Better Than: Hanging out with the 15 year-olds at the Girl Talk show downstairs.

Apparently the Sue Ellen’s crowd heard that the girl from The L Word was in town with her band and that they were playing at The Loft last night.

It was crazy: While walking up to the facility's upstairs venue, there couldn't have been more obvious differences between the Palladium and The Loft's crowds.

For one, you had to wade through 15-year-old kids going to the Girl Talk show at the Palladium and acting like they were going to their first rave just to make it to the door leading to The Loft.

But, once inside the upstairs venue, the difference in crowd was even more distinct.

So, yeah, understandably, I expected a large lesbian crowd do to the fact that Uh Huh Her's Leisha Hailey was on The L Word. But, I thought, hey, there might be at least a portion of the Grey’s Anatomy-loving housewives set taking in the show, too, right?

Well…um...I was wrong.

As Leisha and Camila Grey stepped onto the stage they were instantly met with loving cheers. I couldn’t help but notice that the crowd reaction reminded me of the kind of reception a boy-band would receive.

The duo started out their set with a mid-tempo number and continued on that course throughout their set, which was a bit surprising. I would’ve thought they would open the show with a more up-tempo number--which the act certainly has in its catalog--to get the evening started in a raucous fashion. But, that was far from the case here. And despite the fact that the entire set was comprised of slower to mid-tempo songs the crowd didn’t seem to notice or even care. It was easy to tell the crowd was into the show, as you could see bobbing heads throughout the room, and could physically feel the floor bouncing up and down.

Actually, if you were expecting to come out and see a band, and you wanted them to sound exactly like they do on record, last night was your night. Live Camila Grey’s silky voice sounds exactly like she does on record--so much so that at times I wondered if she was lip-syncing to a backing track.

But what Grey has in singing ability, she lacks in showmanship. She almost always differed any stage banter to her bandmate.

“She’s a girl of few words” Leisha Hailey said. “But when she talks it’s special.”

If she had anything special to say, though, she never let the crowd in on it.

For most of the night, the two singers seemed to have the crowd lulled into their electopop, snake charmer’s trance. But that eventually seemed to lull the crowd into listlessness; people either broke off and went to the side of the room to talk with friends or they went outside and smoked and enjoyed the view of downtown.

At the end of the band's the main set, the girls finally launched into some fan favorite territory, performing “Say So” and “Wait Another Day.” But, by the time those two songs came it really seemed too little too late to keep the crowds attention. --Lance Lester

Critic's Notebook Random Note: I totally got sucked into the encore trick. By the time the “last” song finished and both girls said goodnight, I wondered why they wouldn’t even play their best-known song “Not A Love Song.” Yeah, of course they came right back out and played it as their one-song encore. I got suckered like it was my first show. Embarrassing, I know.

By The Way: If you like to check out the ladies, last night would’ve been good for you. Seriously, you could count the number of guys on two hands. Unfortunately, you probably wouldn’t have been able to take most of the girls home...