What the What of the Day: Brandon Hilton's "Set Fire to the Night"

I'd never heard of Dallas musician Brandon Hilton, but according to the email I got yesterday, he's released "over 40 tracks, two full-length albums, eight singles and seven music videos, accumulated over 4.5 million YouTube views, 150,000+ MySpace fans, and 30,000+ Twitter followers."

Hmm, alright. What else?

"His hit single 'Glamour Zombie' was also featured on the Aug. 22 episode of Oxygen's hit reality show The Bad Girls Club."

Ohhhh shit. I love me some Bad Girls Club! Especially the episodes where they get really drunk and throw stilettos at each other. Would the video be anything like that?

Well, the video starts out with Hilton watering some plants in a black leather get-up, then being smacked around by a man who looks like he just got off work. He retreats to his cool car and wears some cool glasses. There's also a ... snake. And then he gets put in totally fabulous straitjacket.

There's some Gaga-worship for sure, and possibly an homage to Adele's "Set Fire to the Rain." Not sure what the video means on a conceptual level, but apparently it's his way of setting fire to the night. One comment on his Twitter compares the song to "the gay equivalent to Rebecca Black's 'Friday.'" Mmmm not sure I would go that far, but girl, it's definitely a Friday anthem.