Good Friday: Whiskey Folk Ramblers, Alice in Chains, The King Bucks, Flametrick Subs, Black Heart Procession

Kind of a slow weekend 'round these parts. Which, y'know, is OK, actually. Feels like we've been moving at 100 mph of lat. A slower pace is kind of welcome for once.

Still, that doesn't mean nothing's happening. There certainly are a few things worth checking out this weekend--mostly smaller affairs, though, with a few major exceptions.

Among those: Tonight's Star Wars: In Concert ordeal out at Arlington's Death Star. And, competing with that this evening (although, really, in date only)? Night One of the No Thanks Fest out in Emory. And then, of course, our own Noah W. Bailey and his band, The Naptime Shake, playing a free CD release show at Bryan St. Tavern.

Meanwhile, Saturday sees Day Two of No Thanks Fest. it also offers up a second chance to see The Naptime Shake, this time at Lee Harvey's, as part of an afternoon benefit for Dog & Kitty City.

And, on Sunday, you can go catch The Bravery at the House of Blues. They might even play that one song...

As for your option options? Well, uh, jump with us, won't you?

Whiskey Folk Ramblers, A.M. Ramblers, Sequoya Prep School, Magnolia Sons
Friday, Oct. 23, at Andy's Bar in Denton

Both the Ramblers on this bill put on phenomenal live shows. One of them, though, puts on one of the best live shows in town. Care to guess which?

Alice in Chains, Puddle of Mudd, Chevelle, Saving Abel, Halestorm, Pop Evil
Friday, Oct. 23, at Nokia Theatre in Grand Prairie
No Layne Staley, of course. Just some guy named William Duvall stepping up in his place, along with the rest of the Alice in Chains lineup. Also, has Chevelle always been this modern rocky? I had no idea.
The Taste of Greenville with The King Bucks, Cas Haley, Johnny Lloyd Rollins, Dan Dyer, Backside Pick, Paul Renna, Max Stalling
Saturday, Oct. 24, at the Granada Theater

Some 35 Greenville Avenue restaurants are gonna be setting up shop in the Granada parking lot, sharing some food for the crowds, which will no doubt no be paying too much attention to the music. Shame, too, as we've got a couple DOMA winners on this bill (The King Bucks, Cas Haley, Backside Pick)...

Flametrick Subs, Ghoultown, The Phuss
Saturday, Oct. 24, at the Boiler Room in Denton

A couple old-time area vets from the rock scene, with a little opening act help from one of the area's most promising upstarts. If you like Eagles of Death metal, well, you'll probably like The Phuss. Keep an eye out for a review of The Phuss' new disc in the very near future.

Black Heart Procession, The Mumlers, Seryn
Saturday, Oct. 24, at Hailey's Club in Denton

Indie rock stalwarts The Black Heart Recession return to town with this diverse bill, which features two opening acts that are both capably of stealing the show. The Mumlers play some incredibly authentic '60s pop-rock, and Denton's Seryn stopped through SPACE last week and completely blew us away. Keep an eye out for Seryn's DC9 in SPACE episode, which should be up on Wednesday.

..and that's about it. Have fun out there. And, if you've got more shows worth passing the word on, drop 'em in the comments below.

See ya on Monday.