A Free Show (If You’re of Age) That Definitely Shouldn’t be Free

Parts & Labor (Abrinsky)

Usually when you hear about a free show, the performance unquestionably mirrors the price of admission. But this Sunday The Lounge has a free show that folks should feel guilty for not paying something.

Brooklyn’s experimental/noise quartet Parts & Labor headlines a bill that will also feature Austin's Dallas' own psych/rock mind shifters Dogme 95. Receivers, the latest release from Parts & Labor, is just another impressive collection of odd sounds and rough textures.

The cramped confines of The Lounge should provide an interesting venue for both of these acts to rattle the walls. Perhaps the club should go the Radiohead route and ask customers to pay what they can, or better yet, wait until the end and have folks pay what they thought the show was worth. Of course, seeing that beers go for $3 each, most in attendance might have little left to contribute.

Since the show is free for anyone 21 years and over, but $6 for minors, it might help the bands out if you brought along your little brother or sister. I guarantee that once they hear the music, they will thank you for it. -- Darryl Smyers