Poster of the Week: Lumberjack IV

We always appreciate it when visual artists and musicians collaborate, whether it’s by putting on a big event, holding a concert in a gallery or museum, or complementing live music with interesting visuals. But we don’t want to overlook the smaller ways in which visual artists and musicians work together, or the visual artwork created by the musicians themselves. That’s why we're highlighting show flyers and posters in this weekly feature.

The poster for all-day beard-rock fest Lumberjack IV, which lumbers Dan’s Silverleaf’s way Saturday, is almost as awesome as the lineup (I’m pretty sure this was designed by Denton poet and writer Gigi Foster, but would welcome a confirmation or correction.)

The font is straight off a low-budget horror movie’s promo poster, and there’s a lot of attention to the details, like the “LJ IV” scratched into the axe head and the blood under the lumberjack’s nails. I’ve always associated animals and breasts with bloody axes, and this poster for Denton’s annual Humane Society and Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer benefit concert reinforces that association. Well done. --Jesse Hughey