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Old 97's To Record New Record in January, Play Unique Sets At Upcoming Sons of Hermann Hall Residency

Caught up with Rhett Miller this morning over the phone--and overseas too, actually, as Miller's currently in the UK, out on tour as the opening act for Steve Earle. The bulk of the conversation focused largely on Miller's upcoming gig at the Grnada Theater on Saturday, November 14, as part of the annual CF Concert Series benefit show for Cystic Fibrosis research--an event we'll be giving away free passes to, starting on Monday. As for most of the conversation, well, let's save all that for next week's column space in the dead tree version of DC9.

For now, though, two nuggets worth sharing immediately: First, Miller confirmed that, when the Old 97's take up the band's late-December, four-night residency at Sons of Hermann Hall, it will be crafting unique set lists for each night, hitting all spots on its catalog, with as few repeats as possible from night to night. (When the band performed its residency in Hoboken, New Jersey, earlier this year, the only song it repeated each night was "Timebomb." Miller expects a similar scenario playing out at these upcoming shows.)

And, shortly after that residency, expect the 97's to remain in town a little bit longer. At this point, Miller says the band is planning on heading back to Salim Nourallah's Pleasantry Lane Studios in January to record its next release. Nourallah, you'll recall, recorded both the last Old 97's album and Miller's latest solo release.