Good Friday: The Party, Preston Grey, James McMurtry, The Fox and The Bird, GWAR, Snoop Dogg and David Cook

Lots happening this weekend--a surprising amount, actually--so let's cut all semantics and jump right into the shows that need to be added to your weekend calendar considerations. First, some reminders of the shows we've already mentioned in this week's coverage.

Tonight's especially packed, with the show at The Lounge on Elm Street leading the way, featuring performances from HEALTH, Times New Viking, Teenage Cool Kids and Axemen. But it's not the only stellar show of the night. Right up there in contention with The Lounge's show is a show at (of all places) The Door in Forth Worth featuring Minus the Bear and The Antlers. And, lest we forget, there's also a performance from Destroyer tonight, with opening sets from Sarah Jaffe and, I just found out, RTB2. Meanwhile dance fans will no doubt pack the main room at the House of Blues for Deadmau5's set. So, yeah, tonight's pretty damn packed.

Saturday, meanwhile, boasts quite the lineup as well: There's The Crash That Took Me's CD release show with a support performance from True Widow, among others; out in Fort Worth, Lucero will bring its newly horns-infused sound to the Longhorn Saloon in Fort Worth; at The Loft, Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros will bring its impossibly happy and catchy brand of the Laurel Canyon sound to Dallas; and things could possibly get out of control, meanwhile at the punk show with Off With Their Heads and others at The Lounge on Elm Street, what with its newly renewed liquor license and all. Just don't expect to see Atlas Sound at Hailey's in Denton on Saturday night--that show's been canceled.

Sunday sees a fine dance-party bill with Fizzy Dino Pop, Ishi and Ssion at The Cavern, all there to help the crowds dance their back-to-the-work-week blues away. And, also on Sunday, The Barley House will unveil its new all-local jukebox.

Oh, and all weekend long, just a couple hours south on I-35 is the Fun Fun Fun Fest, which features, Danzig, of Montreal, Yeasayer, The Cool Kids, The Jesus Lizard, Mission of Burma and many, many others. Check back here for coverage over the weekend; we've dispatched Jesse Hughey and Patrick Michels to keep tabs on the event for us.

Lastly, while it's not technically a weekend event, there's pretty much no chance that we'll be in the office early enough on Monday to remind you that the new KERA-owned, public, all-music station at KXT-91.7 FM launches at 7 a.m., so be sure to listen to that.

But there are actually a few more big shows worth your attention this weekend--including the reunion of one of the biggest DJ troupes this town has ever seen. Check that out, and more, after the jump.

The Party, Nick Catchdubs
Friday, Nov. 6, at The Loft

Brooklyn-based DJ Nick Catchdubs has a long list of big-name acts with whom he's shared a stage. But, no offense, Mr. Catchdubs, you just ain't the draw of this party. Rather the draw here is The Party, the long-running DJ collective of DJs Sober, Select and Nature, who, until splitting up around a year ago, were pretty much the undisputed champs of the local DJ set, thanks to the unique flavor brought by each of the collective's jocks. Tonight's event, like the group's long-running Loft residency has been deemed an "Hands Up!" event. Not sure, though, if this reunion is a one-time thing or if there's hope for future shows from The Party down the line. But I do know this much: A few months back, I spoke with both Sober and Select about the group's demise (Nature was off in the Caribbean) and, even then, they hinted at a possible reunion, with both mentioning that they'd felt as if their methods were being copied by the other DJs in the local scene and that they wanted to come back and show everyone else how things are supposed to be done. Expect the trio to have a chip on their shoulder this evening.

Dovetail, Preston Grey, St. Cloud, Greg Schroeder
Friday, Nov. 6, at City Tavern

Tonight's show serves as the CD release show for local indie rock outfit Preston Grey, an act that claims Dallas as home, although, really, you'd never guess it based off its sound. That much can be credited to the Irish tinge in frontman David McGarry's vocals, which adds a definitive style to the the band's otherwise quite enjoyable jangly pop-rock.

James McMurtry
Friday, Nov. 6, at Dan's Silverleaf in Denton
McMurtry's back in Denton for another gig at Dan's, which seems to be his North Texas home away from home. This performance comes in support of McMurtry's latest release, Live in Europe, which is, well, pretty much exactly what it sounds like it would be. More than anything, though, McMurtry's still riding high of the success of his fine 2008 release, Just Us Kids.

The Fox and The Bird, John Weinland, The Beaten Sea
Saturday, Nov. 7, at The Cavern

Portland indie folker John Weinland finds himself the beneficiary of being on this bill with two young, outstanding local folk acts (and DC9 in SPACE veterans) with strong early followings, The Fox and The Bird and The Beaten Sea. Expect a near reverential crowd--and don't be alarmed when everyone else starts singing along to the music. That's just what seems to happen when these two bands perform. It's a little communal, but in a good way.

GWAR, Job for a Cowboy, The Red Chord
Sunday, Nov. 8, at The Prophet Bar

Can we finally cut the jive about The Door and The Prophet Bar being Christian clubs now? Because, let's face it, GWAR didn't make its name by touring churches. Unless I've ben horribly misinformed.

Snoop Dogg, Method Man, Redman, Devin The Dude, The Hustle Boys
Sunday, Nov. 8, at House of Blues

This is as impressive a rap lineup as you'll ever see, really. Both Meth & Red and Devin The Dude have headlined other shows in town over the past year, and to good results. Put them in the same room and add Snoop Dogg to the bill? The collective resumes of these hip-hop acts is insane. Kind of an unbelievable lineup.

David Cook, The Script, Green River Ordinance
Sunday, Nov. 8, at Palladium Ballroom
Green River Ordinance is from Fort Worth. David Cook is from American Idol. The Script is one of those bands you see on the undercards of big arena touring shows and realize that, OK, maybe you don't need to be there that early after all. When their powers combine... well, it still adds ups to some mediocre, lowest-common-denominator, middle-of-the-road modern rock. Which, somehow, people seem to enjoy.

...and that about does it. Got another show to add to the list? Drop it in the comments. Otherwise, we'll see ya out there....