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Elm Street Bar Celebrates Grand Opening Tonight, Hopes to Outlast Its Predecessors

There's a running joke that the space occupying 2810 Elm Street in Deep Ellum is cursed.

The Nightmare, the last occupant of the space, didn't last six months. And The Lounge On Elm Street before it didn't fare much better.

But, nonetheless, people keep opening the place for business. And tonight marks the official grand opening of the newest bar to fill the space: Elm Street Bar, which purports itself to be the first ever dubstep club in Dallas.

And, to his credit, Carl Priggre, the man behind Elm Street Bar, is confident that his club will more than outlast its predecessors.

"I'm no amateur," he says, indicating that lack of experience is what went wrong with the previous ownership. "I've been doing this for 35 years."

That's a long time to be in the nightclub industry, for sure. And, during that time, Priggre has successfully owned and operated a number of spots, including Sugar Shack on Lower Greenville, and Club X, which, 14 years ago, occupied the same space that Elm Street Bar now claims.

"Club X was the hottest club in Dallas in the '90s," say Priggre with a heavy Northeast accent.

Now he's hoping for the same success with Elm Street Bar. His plan? Bass and booze.

Monday nights are the club's most popular, thanks to Suspect Mondays, a dubstep night that utilizes the bar's massive new sound system and that moved to the new spot after operating at Sugar Shack as recently as a few weeks ago. And the rest of the week's musical format doesn't stray far from this format, featuring DJ's spinning various forms of bass-heavy music, augmented by the occasional live band.

Another big factor helping the dance party along?

"I've got more liquor than anyone on the block," says Priggre, who has also installed a second bar in the bar, back where by the old live stage.

Other renovations to the club are minimal, though. Priggre has installed some pool tables, a few new couches, and some flat screen televisions. Priggre believes that this much is all it will take to make his new club successful. After all, he says, "Deep Ellum is coming back to life!"

Us? We're taking bets on how long this new place lasts.