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Want To Be KXT's Music Director? Because They're Hiring, If You're Sick of Hearing The Songs Already Played On Classic Rock Stations.

Just a little more than a year after its head-scratching launch, KKXT-91.7 FM KXT, the music-centric offshoot of local National Public Radio affiliate KERA-90.1 FM, remains something of a beguiling beast.

In theory, it's great. In practice, it sometimes is, too. Just having a station that will play local music, and songs from the like of Spoon and others of that same not-quite-alternative-rock-radio ilk, is a pretty nifty thing -- something we here in the metroplex had been needing for some time.

But then there are the times when the station will go off on tangents and play songs that don't really belong -- there's a little too big of an affinity at the station for '90s alt-rock (Third Eye Blind, Matchbox 30), classic rock classics already being played elsewhere (The Rolling Stones, The Police) and modern-day mainstream names (John Mayer being the most egregious) -- for seemingly no real reason.

The obvious culprit here? The fact that, 14 month after its debut, the station has yet to hire a music director, leaving pretty much all of its song selections up to its pretty small and already overwhelmed crew of on-air hosts.

The good news: That much appears to be on the mend.

The station has recently posted a want ad searching for a new music director. Responsibilities include creating "daily playlists that feature high quality mix of Triple A format music," working "closely with programming and communications/marketing teams to build audience," and managing the "station's music database and library." The candidate has to have "experience," too, whatever that means.

Regardless, this is good news, indeed. Here's hoping they find the person for the gig.

Speaking of which: Hey, KXT, can I just submit a link to this blog, or do y'all need, like, a formal application cover letter and shit?