Datahowler Wrangles Technology In His Violitionist Session

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The latest installment of Violitionist Sessions features Dallas musician/producer Ross Edman, aka Datahowler, performing three compositions on the floor of Violitionist HQ. It's an interesting look at the process Edman uses to make his music, as well as beats for other musicians, and the follow-up interview is worth checking out for his thoughts on technology, as they relate to the process. To wit:

I feel like phones and the Internet and all of these things are so integrated into our lives that you can't even have a social life without having technology. You can't even talk to someone without having a smartphone. And so, technology has created these barriers in between people, and I think that it's our job and our duty to kind of wrangle and manipulate that technology to do what we want, and make it creative. I mean, a computer is kind of a cold, hard, calculating machine, so if you can make it do something creative and wonderful, then all of a sudden I feel like you've won.