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Jessica Simpson's TV Show Means She's Finally Famous for Being Famous for Being Famous

Jessica Simpson's TV show--that is, her new TV show, a sitcom set to air on NBC--is going to be about her life as a celebrity. You should immediately be able to spot the problem, here: Her life as a celebrity is already about her life as a celebrity.

The first 22 episodes are going to be board-room meetings in which Jessica--a wacky thirtysomething blonde with a heart of gold--and her team of creatives make a lucrative deal with a broadcast company a lot like NBC to televise the next board-room meeting. The target audience includes moms whose Facebook profiles say they have "more to love," NBC fans who are sure it's secretly a new season of 30 Rock, and stoned PhD candidates in lit theory. It is perhaps the only broadcast sitcom currently in production that should solicit a script from Jacques Derrida.

That DC9 At Night is covering this is maybe the only reason you might remember Jessica Simpson was originally famous for being a musician. What happened?