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A Possible Roadblock In Sachse Resident Dondria Nicole's Potentially Bright Future.

Hmmmm...are these two still chummy?

SOHH.com--which, really, I can only assume stands for Sons of Hermann Hall, right?--broke a fairly substantial (if true) rumor to its hip-hop-centric blog yesterday, claiming that Jermaine Dupri's been given the ol' heave-ho from Def Jam.

No doubt that's potentially devastating news for 21-year-old Sachse resident Dondria Nicole, was given the chance of a lifetime after Dupri found her Youtube karaoke clips and signed her to his label.

At this point, Dupri's future is very much up in the air--SOHH.com's the only one with the story so far (although plenty have linked to theirs)--and until we hear otherwise, so must be Nicole's. We've got a message into her publicist, though, and we'll keep you posted on anything we hear. --Pete Freedman