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Midlake, Neon Indian and True Widow Appear On NPR's "Austin 100" List and Stream

The folks at NPR have gone and done everyone a solid, listening to all the bands playing the official parties at SXSW so you don't have to and--better yet--trimming down that list to a much more palatable list of 100 bands you should check out in Austin (if you have tastes along the lines of NPR's, that is).

And, hey now, those radio folks have gone even farther, offering up a constantly looping stream of songs from those 100 bands. Nice.

It shouldn't really be much of a surprise to anyone to see Midlake and Neon Indian pop up on this list, as these two critically adored bands from DFW are on pretty much everyone's SXSW buzz lists. (Yay for not having to wait in line to see them again, huh?)

But this one's kind of a surprise: True Widow's on there, too. Not necessarily what we'd expect bespectacled Ira Glass-types to be jamming, but, hey, we're not gonna judge. Besides, it's not like we've made our adoration of the band much of a secret in the past. And, well, sometimes we speak in nasally tones on the "radio", too.