Tonight, Tonight: Basia at The Lakewood Theater, Iration at The Loft, The Legendary Pink Dots at the Cambridge Room

Kind of a slow(er) Tuesday evening as far as musical offerings go, but there are still a few things going on worth investigating.

Perhaps you may even stumble across Wade Phillips drowning his sorrow!

Basia at The Lakewood Theater
Polish singer Basia Trzetrzelewska wisely decided to use only her first name when she launched her solo career back in the '80s. And her Latin-flavored, jazzy pop found quite an audience later that same decade -- and even on into the next one. Surprisingly, Basia decided to withdrawal from the music industry in 1998, citing the death of her mother as the primary reason. However, in 2009, Basia's fourth album, It's That Girl Again, was released and the singer promptly began a world tour. Still very popular in Asia as well as in her home country, Basia may find a popular renaissance in America as well as Girl received some of the best reviews of her career. Definitely a guilty pleasure, the music of Basia is at least tasteful.

Iration, The Movement and The Green at The Loft
Perhaps some mellow reggae grooves will whet your musical whistle tonight? If so, California's Iration could just do the trick. All six members of Iration hail from Hawaii, so it's no surprise that some traditional Pacific Island influences make their way into the music. Time Bomb, Iration's sophomore effort, came out earlier this year and features a laid-back groove definitely suited for the nod-and-sway technique favored by so many fans of reggae and dub. Philadelphia's The Movement plays music in a similar vein to Iration, but with a bit more rock influence. Hawaii's The Green, on the other hand, is just a great reggae-tinged pop band. A happier trio of bands one is not likely to encounter on a Tuesday evening in Big D.

The Legendary Pink Dots at the Cambridge Room
Amsterdam-by-way-of-London's Legendary Pink Dots might not be legendary, per se, but their prolific nature should be: The kind of creepy art-rock outfit has put out a whopping 81 releases (counting full-lengths, live albums, singles, compilations and EPs) since forming 30 years ago. Impressive stuff. Really: About the only thing more impressive is the number of former member this four-piece boasts (31). So, chances are, the lineup you'll see tonight is one you've never seen before!