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So...What's The Deal With Edgefest 18?

By now, you may have heard that the folks over at The Edge (KDGE, 102.1-FM) are going to be throwing a second Edgefest in 2008--this one called Edgefest 18, and scheduled to take place on October 25, again at Pizza Hut Park in Frisco.

The last Edgefest took place back in late April, and, in case you've forgotten about it (and we wouldn't blame you for that), it kinda, well, underwhelmed.

We imagine that throwing a second 2008 Edgefest is aimed at making up for the fact that the Clear Channel-owned station tried passing off its last event as a "festival" with the lackluster Three Doors Down headlining a bill that featured also-rans like Puddle of Mudd, Filter and Chevelle.

But we weren't going to say as much until we got confirmation on the matter from The Edge's program director, Vince Richards. Turns out, though, that Richards--along with all the other area Clear Channel station program directors--is out of town for the week on business. So, no, we have no clue what the hell's going on (since no one else at the station is willing to talk on the matter).

We'll keep an ear to the ground and will let you know when we know anything else about the new fest, but, in the meantime, you can take solace in the fact that, at the very least, this Edgefest's lineup is vastly superior to the last one's (which isn't necessarily saying too much, but in this case is meant positively). Either way, full lineup after the jump. --Pete Freedman

Main Stage: Stone Temple Pilots The Offspring Staind Toadies Papa Roach Seether Saving Abel Ashes Divide Safety Suit Drive A

Second Stage: Rise Against Pennywise Alkaline Trio Hawthorne Heights Ludo Gaslight Anthem Emery Aranda