Good Friday: Just-Announced Bun B Show, Tony Joe White, Ella Minnow, Scott McCurry, The Smoke!, Pimpadelic, Chris Flemmons, Big Daddy Kane, And Much More!

Wilonsky says this one got his Poster of the Week vote. (Mark Roberts)

I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am that the week is finally over--been real busy 'round here and whatnot.

But things are only gonna get more and more busy now that the weekend's here. There's a crap-load of good shows around town. Actually, we've already mentioned a bunch of them, too:

On Friday, there's the Black Rebel Motorcycle Club show at Club Dada (I actually just got off the phone with the folks over there--show starts at 10 p.m. and there are no openers) and the Secret Machines/Coheed & Cambria/Russian Circles show at House of Blues. Also tonight: Catch local act Kessler (whose CD we reviewed this week) open for Candlebox at the Palladium.

On Saturday, there's more: The local-centric Fair to Midland/The Feds/Oso Closo/The Timeline Post show at House of Blues, the incredible lineup of Will Johnson, Micah P. Hinson and Emil Rapstine at The Double Wide, the Fight Bite CD release show with Nouns Group and Fake Blood at Good Records, the Obscenely Unseen 3 show at Hal Samples' Gallery, The Cut*Off's show as part of the Ghost of Blind Lemon Showcase, and, lastly, Nicholas Altobelli at Denton's Banter Cafe and Adam Carroll at Love and War in Texas.

That adds up to a lot. But there's a whole bunch of other worthwhile ones we haven't yet covered--including a pretty big one for tonight that was just announced...

Bun B's Just-Announced, "Secret" Myspace Show Friday, August 1, at Torch Bun B (of UGK, of course) will be performing a set at 10 p.m. tonight at Torch--you know, the building with Johnny Cash giving the finger painted on the side of it. The space is pretty small, and it's first come, first serve to check it out. Far as I know, it's free, too, so this should be a pretty cool event.

Tony Joe White, John Dee Graham Friday, August 1, at the Granada Theater A couple of good ol' boys playing some good ol' Southerm roots-rock. Graham's from Austin; you may recognize White from, well, this, among other things.

Ella Minnow, RTB2, Bravo Max Friday, August 1, at The Double Wide Interesting Denton indie rock outfit Ella Minnow will be coming down to Dallas tonight to perform a CD release show with some other local favorites, RTB2 and Bravo Max.

Fiction Plane, Scott McCurry Friday, August 1, at House of Blues Fiction Plane's about as boring as it gets for Brit pop--especially considering it sounds more American than anything else. But local opener Scott McCurry's been doing some good things lately with his pop-rock sound.

The Smoke! All-Night Dance Party Friday, August 1, at Sons of Hermann Hall The people behind Rockers vs. Mods are throwing this all-night (not sure if they're serious, although I'm gonna guess that they are..) dance party at Sons for all area scooter enthusiasts and, well, anyone else who wants in. There'll be DJs, too. I don't really know too much else about the event, but from this much alone, it seems like a nice music-ish alternative to the other stuff.

Pimpadelic, Mad Mexicans Saturday, August 2, at Curtain Club Pimpadelic's southern rap-rock sound isn't wholly unique, but it's still pretty fun. This show, in which longtime favorites Mad Mexicans will play support, is the area band's Dallas CD release party.

Chris Flemmons, Isaac Hoskins, Brent Best Saturday, August 2, at AllGood Cafe Three integral singer-songwriters from Denton acts--The Baptist Generals, The Heelers and The Drams, respectively--take the stage at AllGood for a more intimate set.

Big Daddy Kane, Tum Tum Saturday, August 2, at Granada Theater There's been a lot of switching going on with this show. Originally it was on--and I was stoked because one of my favorite backpacking East Coast groups, Little Brother was set to play support, along with the impressive Strange Fruit Project, whose Symbolyc-One has a new album in tow, which was set to open. Then I'd heard it was canceled. Well, now I'm told it's back on, and though Little Brother and SFP are off the bill, Tum Tum (whose "Dallas Girlz" single is one of clubs editor Jesse Hughey's favorite songs of the moment, no joke) still provides some great support for the legendary Kane.

Seriously, that's more than enough, so knock yourselves out and have a good time out there. I'm sure I'll see you around. And if I missed any shows you wanna pimp here, feel free use the comments. They're on. --Pete Freedman