This Week in Dallas Music History: Stevie Ray Vaughan's Out of Rehab and Ready To Rock.

Guitarists from all over tend to cite Stevie Ray Vaughan as their primary influence. He may very well be the "Pride and Joy" of the Dallas area, even if Austin claims him as its own.

Back on March 26, in 1987, Michael Corcoran profiled the Dallas blues guitar icon for the Observer. At this point, Vaughan was out of rehab and had returned to touring and writing music. The profile gives snippets of the guitarists' past: his ballsy snub of David Bowie after Let's Dance; his hospitalization while on tour in Europe; the release of the Platinum-selling Live Alive, a title which Corcoran called "cumbersome." The album included covers of Jimi Hendrix and his friend Stevie Wonder.

Vaughan lost his life in a helicopter crash in August of 1990 while touring for 1989's In Step. His grave can be found in the Vaughan Estates Plot of Laurel Land Memorial Park on 6000 South R. L. Thornton Freeway, where visiting hours are 7:00am to Dusk.

After the jump, check the scans of the original piece, knowing that, though Austin may have a statue for the guitar legend on Lady Bird Lake, he's always been Dallas', through and through.