Watch: Deep Ellum Comes Together, Remembers Adam Carter

If there's a good thing that's come out of the recent spate of local musician deaths -- and, yes, this is a stretch, practically inherently -- it's the positivity that's come out of Deep Ellum and the music community as a whole, as these groups have joined together to share their grievances and put on strong fronts and support systems.

As Bill Holston shared with us in his report on the memorial service held for Adam Carter at La Grange a few weeks back, that's been the real blessing here -- the reminder that life is short and that we need to cherish it while we can.

A new video just recently posted online and featuring on- and off-stage remembrances of Carter goes a long way toward reminding us all of that. Shot and edited by our friends at Yes Go Productions, who filmed both the service at La Grange and the memorial concert at The Bone held for Carter at the request of his family, the clip features a whole slew of local musician types and friends of Carter's sharing their fond memories of the young musician, who like so many others in recent weeks, died too soon.

Watch the clip after the jump.