Good Friday: Salim Nourallah, Vic Chesnutt, Bridges & Blinking Lights, 311, Grooms, 100 Damned Guns, Air Review, Deathray Davies, Eric Hutchinson, Trivium, and Knights In Satan's Service.

Well, the weekend's here, thank the Lord. And, as always, we're here to present you with your concert-attending plans. First, as always, the shows we've already hyped...

Tonight, Bill Callahan stops by the Granada Theater, Colourmusic pops on in to The Cavern and The Edge Steals Christmas out at the Nokia Theatre with some help from AFI, 30 Seconds to Mars, Cage the Elephant and The Bravery.

Saturday's a little more crowded: Telegraph Canyon, Doug Burr and Seryn top off a nine band-bill at Hailey's for A Spune Christmas; Aesop Rock stops off for a show at The Granada; Chameleon Chamber Group plays Good Records' Christmas party; and the ghosts of Deep Ellum past rise up for a Theatre Gallery reunion party at The Door.

As for Sunday? Well, we'll get to that--after the jump, of course, along with the rest of the shows we've deemed worth your while this weekend...

Salim Nourallah, Buttercup
Friday, Dec. 4, at Bryan Street Tavern
At this show, favorite local pop-rocker Salim Nourallah will be backed by a band called "The Dufilhos." Which, I'm pretty sure, means John Dufilho of Deathray Davies will be among his backing players? Yeah, I'd say that's a safe bet. Opening this show, meanwhile, is San Antonio's Buttercup, one of the many acts Nourallah's produced over the past year--and a band that seems dead-set on aligning itself with the Dallas scene over the San Antonio one. Well, aren't we flattered...

Vic Chesnutt
Friday, Dec. 4, at Hailey's Club, Denton
Athens, Georgia, has long been considered a musical hotbed--and, among the many reasons for such praise, you gotta figure the oft-covered Chesnutt's up there. Since his 1990 debut, the guy's put out 17 full-length albums, which is pretty incredible. And he's been covered by the likes of Sparklehorse, Garbage, REM and The Indigo Girls.

RTB2, Bridges & Blinking Lights, Old Snack
Friday, Dec. 4, at City Tavern
Seems Denton bands can't get enough of the City Tavern lately. And the City Tavern can't get enough of them, either--especially when they make up strong bills like this one.

Saturday, Dec. 5, at Nokia Theatre, Grand Prairie
if amber is the color of your energy, well, you probably already knew about this show. So... moving on.

Grooms, Nervous Curtains, Eyes Wings and Many Other Things
Saturday, Dec. 5, at The Handsome Kitten
Brooklyn's Grooms makes it was to Exposition Park this weekend for a show at the Giggle Party-run DIY space, The Handsome Kitten. Which is good news if you like your indie rock filtered through a slightly darker scope than usual. Plus, Brooklyn? So hot right now.

The King Bucks, 100 Damned Guns, The Will Callers
Saturday, Dec. 5, at Dan's Silverleaf, Denton
It's all Americana, all the time at Dan's on Saturday night featuring Dallas' King Bucks on a bill alongside Fort Worth's 100 Damned Guns and Will Callers. A safe choice if ever there were one. The Bucks rarely disappoint. Neither do 100 Damned Guns for that matter.

Wayne "The Train" Hancock
Saturday, Dec. 5, at The Boiler Room, Denton

The Texas country mainstay stops off in Denton for a change of pace from us usual digs at the Granada Theater in Dallas.

Radiant, Air Review
Saturday, Dec. 5, at Trees

A fine, fine option for fans of bombastic indie pop. Radiant's long been revered about town for its live shows and Air Review's live show profile at the moment can't really be any higher. Expect high production value and well-rehearsed performances at this show--not to mention crisp-as-clear sound on Trees' always-impressive sound system.

The Deathray Davies, The Hex Dispensers, Occult Detective Club
Saturday, Dec. 5, at The Double Wide

It's always nice to see The Deathray Davies on a bill--but even nicer to know that there's a reason. Frontray John Dufilho passed us along a new track for to check out this week, which can only mean one thing: We can't be too far off from hearing another disc out of the longtime Dallas favorites. Not to be missed: The Denton-based, punky openers in Occult Detective Club.

Eric Hutchinson
Sunday, Dec. 6, at House of Blues' Cambridge Room

If you wanna rock, you rock. Am I right, ladies?

Trivium, Chimaira, Dirge Within, Whitechapel
Sunday, Dec. 6, at House of Blues

Metalheads: We present to you, your token show option, this one featuring touring heavyweights Trivium and Chimaira.

KISS, Buckcherry
Sunday, Dec. 6, at American Airlines Center

Might wanna call your office and tell them you won't make it in to work on time. As you'll be rock 'n' rolling all night on Sunday, no doubt.

...and that's your weekend. Have fun out there.