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Help Crown & Harp Fill its Jukebox with North Texas Artists

If you arrived in Dallas from Mars and wanted to pick one place to learn about local music, a smart tour guide might send you to the Crown and Harp on Lower Greenville. There, you'd find an increasingly dense schedule in the pub's two unassuming rooms of North Texas artists of all stripes. So it makes a lot of sense that the old jukebox upstairs (which contains actual CDs) would play bands from in town.

That's what head talent buyer Moody Fuqua is doing, but he needs your help. He posted a call on Facebook last night for donations of DFW music. "Dallas has a rich musical history," he says. "I want to keep it varied and showcase a wide spectrum of Dallas, FT worth and Denton artists of all different genres. We at Crown & Harp like music, period."

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You can bring your non-burned CDs to the Crown and Harp any day after 6 p.m. They'll be moving the jukebox downstairs later this week, and they'll keep its 100 slots rotating through whatever music comes in.

Fuqua also plans to (with permission from each artist) upload all the music to a Crown and Harp Soundcloud, where they'll also keep DJ mixes and live sets from the venue itself.

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