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Erykah Badu Pops Up On Flying Lotus' New Track, "See Thru To U"

I got to check out Flying Lotus' set at Fun Fun Fun Fest last year, when rumors of Erykah Badu joining him on stage swirled around the crowd. She didn't materialize, but the L.A. DJ and producer put on a fantastic set: He held a sonic thread on each turntable, as he mixed jazz, soul and hip-hop into combustible material.

Here's the track from Flying Lotus' upcoming album, Until the Quiet Comes, on which Badu does materialize. As a colleague said earlier this morning: "That lady is a medium." She is; she's the paint you throw on the canvas. But then I wondered if my colleague meant medium, like a psychic. She channels these collabs, even the not-so-good ones, with the weight of a spiritual advisor, just sorting of floating above the song. Either way, this song been blessed by Badu.