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Because You're Gonna Be Watching Late Night TV This Week, Anyway...

...y'know, what with all the drama and all, then you might as well turn in to Late Night with Jimmy Fallon tonight. Why? Well, 'cause you might spot a familiar face or two: Justin Pate, keyboardist for Fort Worth's The Orbans, will be among the the backing players performing in musical guest Ringo Starr's band tonight. The rest of the band? Well, that's pretty much made up of Ben Harper's Relentless 7, which, you may also know, features Fort Worth native Jordan Richardson on drums.

So, big night the Fort, huh?

Back to The Orbans for a minute, though: The DOMA-nominated five-piece country-rockers have been out in Los Angeles for the past couple of weeks, finishing up the recording of its debut full-length, which, according to bassist Cliff Wright, should be ready for your ears as early as the next couple of weeks. Curious as to the direction of the upcoming record? Check this video frontman Peter Black put together, which features some of the band's demoed tracks.

As for Pate: If you miss his performance with Starr tonight, you'll be able to catch them again on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart tomorrow night, and then on some PBS special the band is filming in New York later in the week. Then at some later on, the band will be back in LA, performing on The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien... assuming Conando's still got the gig at that point...

Basically: You have no choice in the matter. You are going to see Pate and Richardson on TV. Might as well be aware of it.