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Russian Band Louna Got Robbed in Dallas Yesterday

Theft from touring bands happens a lot all over the world, but if there's a chance to help a band out, especially if they're from another country, spreading the word never hurts.

Louna, a Russian five-piece, was in Dallas yesterday for a show at the House of Blues. As the band ate lunch at a Souper Salad in Caruth Plaza between 12:30 and 1, some yahoo decided to steal most of the personal belongings from the band, their manager and their crew. We're talking clothes, passports, phones, laptops, iPads, MP3 players and merch. The band just began touring America for the first time, and they have weeks of tour dates ahead of them.

One of stolen laptops is a silver Macbook with a serial number of SW89521YF66D. And if you see one of the 28 live DVDs from their collection in a pawn shop or from a bootlegger, contact the police to help track this person down.

The band is working with police, hoping to recover their lost belongings. And if you have any info about this, contact Dallas police.

In the meantime, the band has set up a PayPal via [email protected] for donations.

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