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Brad Paisley's Twitter Follows Me, So His Fans are Pissed

It all started with one tweet.

As I was performing my usual pre-concert routine of listening to the artist's entire collection, I decided to tweet Brad Paisley my love and affection.

And then something truly remarkable happened. He followed me.

Brad follows approximately 64 people and I'm one of them. He doesn't even follow President Barack Obama. Do you know what this means? I'm more important than the president. That's what this means. (P.S. Pågina is Paige in Spanish. I'm not trying to rhyme my name with something else. Sick.)

OK, but really what it means is that with this follow comes huge responsibility. And by responsibility, I mean old, crazy, mean die-hard Brad Paisley fans are pissed he follows me and not them.

One woman, Pamela, who later deleted some of her tweets, went on a Twitter rampage about him tweeting and following me. This woman, in I'm assuming to be West Virginia, who has never had a conversation with me, has decided she knows all about me.

We tweeted back and forth, and the only tweet she didn't delete directed toward me was this jewel:

These are just some of the tweets she sent out Oct. 22, the day of my 23rd birthday.

Are you not jealous, Pamela? Because you seem kind of mad. And part of me is scared. And then the other part of me realizes I'll be doing the same thing when I'm a retired grandmother with a Twitter.

But, hey, maybe slow your roll with the Brad concerts. I've been to four and thought that was a lot. Maybe he doesn't follow you because he's scared of you and has a restraining order against you. (I don't know that. I'm just envisioning that's the scenario in my head.)

And then I'm like, What does this tweet mean? Am I reading too much into all of this?

But minus the Twitter wars, my favorite aspect of Brad following me is that I'll get congratulations from strangers and then a bunch of new, random followers.

And nearly every time, I will scroll through who they are following and it's me and a bunch of verified country musicians.

Hey, people. I don't have this crazy secret. I'm not in the loop with country musicians. I'm a Brad Paisley fan, but I can't get you tickets to his next concert. I'm as clueless as the rest of y'all.