Video: DFW Cypher Raps About Sneakers

DFW Cypher's past videos have been experiments in location and lyrical synergy: Give a random group of emcees a beat, take them out of the studio or club, and make them collaborate, whether it's in the kitchens or atop the bridges of Dallas. In the process, they've discovered a wealth of talent for their project.

Their latest roundtable leads us to the 2012 Kixpo sneaker convention, where we get verses from Dtox, Kris Misfit, Pikahsso, Leon The Professional and Mozez Tha Great, while they cruise around Cowboys Stadium. And all the verses had to be about sneakers, naturally.

"It's not a traditional cypher in the sense that it's not right off the top of the dome, in a circle, with a random beat," says Poor Vida's Joel Salazar, who sent the video along. "But, with this format, no one knows who's going to be on the track when it's given to them, and they absolutely have no idea what the topic of the song is going to be about."

Pikahsso's verse is especially dramatic, with him adopting what he calls his "news reporter voice, Yoda voice, a British accent, an old lady voice and a gladiator voice, just to show how ill my mind can get." But all five emcees compliment each other nicely, which is the endgame.