Weekend Roundup: Death Cab, Buckcherry, the Hollywood Undead, the Hit

Was there a weekend? It sure doesn't feel like it, but the videos don't lie so it must have happened. Oh well, it's Monday now, and there are videos to watch. Don't forget that Christmas is closing in and it's high time we all started getting those wish lists ready for Santa. Now let's see. I want a pony, an iPod that doesn't freeze when I look at it wrong, shoes with laces that only come untied when I want them to, whirled peas (because everybody wants that), and a declaration that weekends shall henceforth be three days long. But I'm flexible about the pony. Death Cab for Cutie, How the Edge Stole Christmas, Friday at House of Blues Here's the gang playing "I Will Possess Your Heart." Which makes me wonder: is this a figurative or literal intention? Because literal might be a little creepy. Temple of Doom may not be the best Indiana Jones movie, but when I was a kid it was definitely the scariest, thanks to that still-beating heart the high evil priest pulls out of some non-character's chest. I shudder to think of it now. So lets hope it's figurative.

And here the lead singer, Benjamin Gibbard, pleads for the crowd to show them some manners. Seriously, he asks if their mothers ever taught them any. He should just cut to the chase and hand out copies of Emily Post's etiquette book at the door. They still might not know how to act at a concert, but the audience would have no excuse for not knowing their place settings and greetings - you know, the really important things in life.

And now on to "The New Year." He says he doesn't feel anything, but they all look very moved by those guitars. Methinks someone's just being shy about his feelings.

Buckcherry, Saturday at Nokia Theater Buckcherry. You can't really see them clearly but, yeah, that's them. And moving on (since that's all I have to say about that)...

The Hit, Saturday at the Door So the sound's not very good on this video -- it's downright bad in spots -- but with the emphatic coordinated head-banging at key parts of the song, and the lead singer's tangerine colored shirt, it's a nice little young rock moment from a young Dallas band. They are a little whiny on the vocals but nice enough thanks to the sincerity.

Hollywood Undead, Saturday at Nokia Theater Here they are performing "My Black Dahlia." Very undead, in that Hollywood kind of way, aren't they?

And here with "Everywhere I Go," they say "let's get this party started" a lot. Like more than Thom Yorke mentioned raindrops on Hail to the Thief.

And that was your weekend. --Dianna Wray