Video Premiere: Smile Smile -- "Truth on Tape"

Back in February, Ryan Hamilton and Jencey Hirunrusme, the duo that makes up local indie pop act Smile Smile, put their history as an engaged and then broken-up couple out for all to see--or, as the title of the album they released that month implies, placing their Truth on Tape, so to speak.

A couple months prior, though, in December, the duo gathered a collection of local music personalities--and, OK, some actors, too--at the stunning Rachofsky House on Preston Road. The reason being? A video shoot for the title track of the band's new album. The concept of the video, meanwhile, followed much the same path of the album and that song, putting the duo--and their personal grievances--out there as pieces of art to be gawked at.

Today, we premiere that video, a gorgeous take directed by Yes Go Production's Jason Whitbeck, who you might know as the guy behind our very own DC9 Live at El Sibil series. Chances are, you'll recognize a few of the faces in the crowd at the art show the video centers around. Among those faces: The band's Kirtland Records labelmate Sarah Jaffe, Dem Southernfolkz's Saturday Aldridge, members of The Roomsounds, The Double Wide's Chelsea Callahan, and so on. Basically, there are a bunch of familiar faces in this clip--including, yes, yours truly, who was caught on film chatting with a certain Toadie in the background as I stopped in for a look-see. Oh well.

Anyway, give the clip a watch. And catch Smile Smile performing for free at Lochrann's Pub in Frisco tomorrow night on a shared bill with Fort Worth's recently re-vamped Calhoun, who have a new album almost ready for you to hear.