Watch: Smile Smile -- "Beg You To Stay"

The love lost between Smile Smile's Ryan Hamilton and Jencey Hirunrusme ain't exactly a secret: Hamilton proposed to Hirunrusme, she said yes, and, later, she broke off the engagement. But the break-up, in turn, did something else: It inspired Hamilton and Hirunrusme each to write the most revealing songs they'd penned yet--songs about one another and their failed attempt at love together. And, despite the undoubtedly awkward position it forced each of the two into, the Smile Smile entity moved forward, confident that, if nothing else, it now had the best songs yet in its catalog. You'll be able to judge that much for yourself on February 9, when the band's sophomore album, Truth on Tape, earns its release from local label Kirtland Records.

And the band's certainly trying to amp up some interest in advance of that release. Check out the band's new video for the song "Beg You To Stay" above--it's a song DC9 readers should already be familiar with, having heard the song performed when the duo stopped in for one of our finest DC9 in SPACE epsidoes. It's the second of three videos the band will release before the album's release date (we shared the first, created for "Tempo Bledsoe," with you back in early October) and, full disclosure, this set may look a little familiar to you as well: It was shot in the same space now used for our DC9 Live at El Sibil series, and by our series videographer, Jason Whitbeck of Yes Go Productions.

If nothing else, the video allows its viewers the chance to see Hamilton kind of live out his fantasies for a bit--you'll see what I mean when Hamilton, playing a musician magician, pulls out a saw toward the end of the clip. But, aside from the opportunity to slice one former flame in half, this one offered Hamilton the chance for a double-dose of revenge: The third person in the video, who, uh, plays Hirunrusme's legs at the end of the clip, was played by another ex- of Hamilton's. Give it a watch and, I swear, all this jibber-jabber will make sense. Promise.

Catch Smile Smile perform its CD release show on Saturday, February 13, at the Double Wide.