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Am I Supposed To Treat The Jonas Brothers Like They're Locals Now? Well, For This One Post... OK, I'll Bite.

"The Jonas Brothers. So hot right now. The Jonas Brothers."

So, I don't know if we can legitimately consider the Jonas Brothers to be locally-based artists now that the teen superstar trio has gone ahead and purchased a home in Westlake--or, hell, if we even want to.

(Although--and, yes, feel free to rip me to shreds on this, as I, too, am disgusted by it--but that might be the biggest Dallas music story of 2008.)


Regardless, this much should be noted: El Brohams du Jonas of Westlake are pretty much owning the music world right now.

Billboard reports today that the Jonaseseseseses' third release, A Little Bit Longer, is the third-highest first-week-selling album of the year (525,000--behind Lil Wayne and Coldplay, and in that order), and that easily gives the Brosephs a No. 1 spot on the chart.

And while that's impressive in its own right, it should be noted that, in addition to that album's success, the Bronases also have two other albums in the top ten: the soundtrack to their Camp Rock movie (which starred Colleyville resident and fellow Disney starchild Demi Lovato) at No. 8, and their 2007 self-titled sophomore record, which is still sitting pretty at No. 10.

No word yet on if head Observer edit honcho Mark Donald's family owns the latest disc yet. But I wouldn't be surprised, given the Donalds' devoted fandom and all. --Pete Freedman