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Make Up Your Mind: Toadies Performing "Possum Kingdom" At Possum Kingdom

Hey, remember that Dia De Los Toadies festival shindig back in August? Course you do--we gave away tickets.

Anyway, Spin.com, a site that's showed no shortage of love for the Toadies' still-newish No Deliverance record, has another exclusive with the band today, this time of the band performing--get this--"Possum Kingdom" at the Possum Kingdom Lake grounds the show was held at. Check it out here, as I can't seem to figure out how to embed it aqui.

So, I ask: Awesome? Not Awesome?

Me, I'm leaning toward awesome on this one. But, then again, when am I not leaning toward awesome? Ka-POW! (I don't even know what that means, but, thanks for playing along). I'll be here all week.

No, like, literally.

Update: The video was shot by Kris Youmans, Kris Hardy and Bob Chestnut, and edited by Justin Wilson of Saboteur.  --Pete Freedman