Giveaway: Four Pairs Of Tickets To Tonight's Helio Sequence Show At The Loft

The Helio Sequence, the Sub Pop-signed, Beaverton, Oregon-based duo behind one of my favorite discs of 2008 (Keep Your Eyes Ahead; that's the title track in the video above) stop through town tonight for a gig at The Loft. And the band knows how to put on a show, so you can rest easy: This is gonna be a fun performance, folks.

Want in? Cool, 'cause we can help you there, too. Our friends at AEG Live have passed along four pairs of tickets to tonight's show for us to give away to the DC9 faithful, and a pair can be all yours, right now even, if simply email me with the words "Lately, I Don't Think Of You At All" in the subject line, and you're on fo the first four to do so. So, y'know, do it. And good luck!

Update: Contest is over. Congrats to our winners.