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Spune Roster Books Show To Help Bring Lance Yocom Back To North Texas

Good news and bad news on the Lance Yocom front today. The good news? After showing positive signs last week, Yocom, who has been suffering from severe pneumonia for going on three weeks now, is awake and responsive in his Arizona hospital bed, answering yes/no questions, and appearing to have a sense of his surroundings.

The bad news? He's pretty weak, incredibly tired, in definite need of physical therapy, according to his wife Somer's latest CaringBridge entries. As such, it still may be a while before the Spune Productions head is able to be transported back to his home in North Texas. One more problem? Such a transportation isn't cheap. It's more like $16,000.

More good news, though: Some well-intentioned locals are doing what they can to help on that front. On Saturday, August 20, our pals over at the Fort Worth Weekly and the folks behind Fort Worh's Lola's Saloon, where Yocom's booked many a show, will be throwing a benefit concert to help raise the funds needed to get Yocom back home. And pretty much the whole Spune roster -- including Seryn, Telegraph Canyon, Doug Burr and others -- will be performing, lending their music to the cause, performing in exchange for a suggested $15 donation.

More information in the form of a press release from Fort Worth Weekly music editor Anthony Mariani after the jump.

A Music Event to Benefit Hospitalized Local Promoter Lance Yocom

A massive infection has hospitalized Lance Yocom. The owner of the Fort Worth-based multi-faceted music company Spune Productions has been in ICU since late July. Yocom was admitted to the hospital after suffering from flu-like symptoms and having difficulty breathing. He is currently in Arizona, where he and his immediate family -- he's a married father of three -- had been vacationing. Despite dozens of tests, a cause for Yocom's condition is unknown. Doctors are treating him with antibiotics, heavy sedation, and a feeding tube, and recently performed a tracheotomy. Only recently has he become cognizant of his surroundings and able to move on his own. The hope is that he becomes strong and stable enough to be moved into a rehab facility. The family's wish is to have him brought to a rehab facility in Fort Worth, though the transportation costs are staggering, in excess of $16,000.

To help Yocom's family, Fort Worth Weekly has teamed up with Lola's Saloon (2736 W. 6th St., 817-877-0666) to present The Green Eye Project (in honor of Yocom's green eyes, which finally opened recently after weeks of heavy sedation), a benefit show on Saturday, August 20. Doors will open at 4 p.m. for acoustic performances by some of North Texas' most esteemed artists, including Calhoun, Doug Burr, Kevin Aldridge, Luke Wade, and The Cush. The acoustic music will lead up to the capper of the evening (scheduled weeks beforehand), a show by the Fort Worthian orchestral-Americana sextet Telegraph Canyon and Denton alt-folkies Seryn, both Spune artists.

A $15 donation at the door is requested (though more money won't be turned away) -- 100 percent of the proceeds will benefit the Yocom family.

Yocom is a passionate, friendly, forward-thinking guy whose contributions to North Texas music are myriad -- in addition to booking shows regularly at some of North Texas' most popular and successful indie clubs, including Lola's Saloon and Hailey's, Yocom also provides management services to some of Texas' most respected artists, including Telegraph Canyon, Seryn, and Doug Burr.

Thanks for your time and consideration.