Nervous Curtains' Latest Video Features Magic, Ghost Rabbits

Is Nervous Curtains' new video for "Wired to Make Waves" a commentary on child labor? Hallucinatory tale about the dangers of a life in the magic biz? Carnivàle with the rabbit from Donnie Darko? The answer is: Maybe.

Shot in part at Canton Co-op by Justin Wilson, who also did their 2010 video for "All Yesterday's Parties," it's quite a different approach than the video for "Moody Photos" earlier this month. The anxiety-inducing stabs of synth fit nicely with the old-timey images though. Watching it is sort of like falling down a stairwell IN YOUR OWN MIND. Also, George Quartz is the rabbit. (Repeat five times and he may show up like Beetlejuice.)

Catch them at City Tavern on February 21 with Indian Jewelry and El Paso Hot Button, the same day their new album, Fake Infinity, is released.