Picture Show: Monotonix at Hailey's

As promised, our photos from the show, in all the high-contrast, white-striped, goodness that has got to be Polaroid, are up in this slideshow.

It was quite the show, too. Monotonix's three members led the Hailey's crowd all around the venue, from the stage, to the floor, to the sound booth, to the side room and, eventually, outside and into the streets. As expected, the packed house ate up everything the band tossed its way. At one point, even, as one band member hid under a rug in the middle of the venue floor, the crowd began bowing in reverence for the show.

A fitting way to end the festival? You bet. Said NX35 organizer Chris Flemmons as the crowd swirled around him: "This is like the exclamation point on the whole thing."