Poster of the Week: Friday Night's Peelander-Z and Anamanaguchi Show at The Loft

Seems like, far too often, show posters are straightforward -- an image, some words detailing the show information, and, well, that's pretty much it. So it's nice to see a designer thinking outside of the (video game) box for a change.


In this case, though, it's actually two designers: Brent Ozaeta and Taro-Kun. And it's not hard to see their inspiration, either. Combining Anamanaguchi's use of Nintendo sounds in its chiptune punk and Peelander-Z's homeland of Japan, this poster serves as a sort of screen-grab from an anime-filled video game. There's some familiar faces in there -- among the Megaman and Picachu -- but that's not the thing that puts this poster over the top. Rather, that'd be the designers' smart use of the bottom portion of the screen/poster to sneak in the pertinent details.

A fun design, for sure.

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