DC9 at Night Mixtape with DJ Jon Doe

In this day and age where everyone is a DJ (or at least thinks they are), guys like Joe Walker are a rare treat. Performing under the moniker of DJ Jon Doe, he's coming up on 25 years of DJing and the experience and passionate dedication to the art of mixing vinyl shows in his sets. He can mix circles around lesser DJs and has near-encyclopedic knowledge on the history of club music. He also has a massive vinyl collection to back up that knowledge. In this week's DC9 at Night Mixtape series, Doe gives a little peep into the life of a truly veteran DJ and some of the influences that got him to where he is today.

DC9 Mixtape #6: DJ Jon Doe by Dc9mixtape on Mixcloud

DC9 at Night: How did you get started DJ'ing?

Jon Doe: Well I'd have to say I got my first taste back in high school when my friend John Thorpe who was a resident at a club, who's name I've long forgotten, and he would ask if I wanted to come up and check him out. So I said okay, he put me on the list and I went up there and watched him all night long. I still remember the first track I heard when I walked in was "Cocaine/Sex" by Renegade Soundwave.

So you were hooked right away?

I remember thinking to myself that it didn't really look too difficult so I started buying some records not really thinking I would ever put them together like John did they were just songs I liked at that time. I didn't start putting them together until sometime in '91; that's when I met my boy O'scar Pierce from Chicago. He's the reason I'm doing what I'm doing now. He introduced me to raves (now called parties because the "R" word is a bad word these days) and to both house and techno, then later hardcore. The first tune he played me was "Percolator" by Cajmere only he was jacking it on 45 instead of 33 and throwing it into some hard edge techno and I knew at that moment in time that this music was what I had been missing in my life up to this point and that I wanted to play this music to people and make them dance as by boy O' had done to me.

Did you play music before you started DJing?

Yes I did. I played both the trumpet and the quads

Who are some of your favorite old school DJs or producers?

Without a doubt the maestro Mr. Derrick Carter is at the top of the list, just because still to this day he'll break out with something I haven't seen or done and he'll have me heading back home for some more practice cause I'm not that good -- yet. Some others are Paul Johnson, Johnny Fiasco, Justin Martin, Aphex Twin, 4 Hero, Tim "Love" Lee, Ed and Andy from Plaid, LX and Andy from the Orb, Brian and Gary from Future Sound Of London, Tom and Mark from Jedi Knights, as well as Dexter, Darren, Tony and Robbie of the Avalanches

Who are some of current or up and coming folks you're into?

Chris Lorenzo & Hanna Watts are gonna be storming the Bass Heavy House scene as are some of the vets like Eats Everything, Justin Martin, Claude Von Stroke, Worthy & Julio Bashmore. Then there are guys doin that Ghetto funk sound like Badboe, Mooque, Featurecast, A Skills, Stickybuds, Breakbeat Junkie, Aldo Vannuchi, Pimpsoul & Nick Thayer. As far as Nu Disco goes Todd Terje, Bottin, Feel My Bicep, Horse Meat Disco, Cratebug and Chrissy Murderbot are killing it right now. Also been digging Loopety Goofs for a lil bit now and same goes for Funky Transport, Dan X, DJ Mes, Scrubfish & Laurence, Corduroy Mavericks, Kinky Movement, Late Night Society, and there are just so many more that I'm afraid if I list them all It would be about the size of a double issue.

How was this mix made? Is there a particular theme for the track selection?

I put this bad boy together over several hours at my friend Jason's house (a.k.a. DtobinJ) for the SXSW gig I was to be headlining this year. The thought behind it was to lay down a set that not only took you through some great moments in dance music's past history, but to also help show where I felt it was probably progressing towards. So like I mentioned earlier, it took me about three weeks or approximately six or so days to come up with this entire two-hour mix because I'd have it to a certain point and not have the perfect record to link it to the next part so I'd have to go back to the vault at my place and dig around some more and finally this is what came together.

Do you still buy vinyl? If so, do you have a favorite record store?

Yes, I am still a 100 percent all-vinyl DJ and yes, I do still buy new wax just about weekly or as I can afford it, what with all my other bills. As far as favorite stores: Turntable and Waterloo in Austin I'll always walk out with wax; Twist & Shout in Colorado, whenever I can get up there to shop; and I hear there's a new store coming to Dallas real soon that I can't wait to dig into. As far as online stores, I shop around quite a bit at places like Discogs. I also hit up groovedis.com, downtown304.com, unrec.com, Musicstack.com, amoeba.com, Gramaphone.com and if I can't find it Stateside I'll hit up a couple of overseas shops.

What gigs do you have in the near future?

I have a party coming up in Tyler that a friend Ty is throwing called Spreading the Love on the 6th of September, and then Bat Country, just south of Dallas by roughly 20 miles or so; I've been told by one of the promoters for it is Josh Ritter and that's on the 13th of September. Past that I believe there is another Kind Family party on the horizon but we'll just have to wait and see on when that one will be.


1. Believe - Deep South 2. Follow Me (Club Mix) - Aly-us 3. Let's Do This - Jazz Transit 4. Life (Tee's Capella) - Blair 5. Out Of Bounds - Inland Knights 6 .Housing Things (Big Hair Remix) - Full Phat 7. Go (No Assembly Firm Remix) - GreensKeepers 8. Fall Down (Gee's Raw Filth Dub) - Michael Procter 9. Flute (Never To Be Released Track) - AlexKid 10. Shake It (Original Snafu Mix) - Funky Transport Vs. Jonee Q 11. Melting (Thomas White Remix) - Loopity Goofs 12. What I Got (Derrick Carter Vocal Remix) - Ian Pooley Feat. Tim Fuller 13. What I Got (Derrick Carter Vocal Remix) - Ian Pooley Feat. Tim Fuller 14. Only 4 U (Original Mix) - Cajmere 15. Clear - Artist Formerly Known As Technique Presents Clear 16. About Us (Derrick Carter's B.H.Q. Vocal) - Colette 17. For You (JT Donaldson Remix) - Olivier Desmet & Chuck Diesel Feat. Latrice Barnett 18. Done It Again - Cut & Run 19. Freakshow (Ashley Slater Remix) - Krafty Kuts 20. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (Original Mix) - Slyde Feat. Lady Posh 21. Move Aside (A.Brucker & Sinden Remix) - Bugz In The Attic 22. Get Up - Unknown Artist 23. Reach For Me (Original Murk Long Ass Mix) - Funky Green Dogs From Outer Space 24. Dust (Main Mix) - Recloose feat. Joe Dukie 25. Dust (Main Mix) - Recloose feat. Joe Dukie 26. Hodge Podge - The Sound Republic 27. The Beat (Original Mix) - D.J. Bang 28. Get Da Ho (DJ Mes Get Da House Rub) - DJ Sneak 29. Theme From Blue Cucaracha (Grooveyard Remix) - The Innocent 30. Bump To This (Muzzaik Remix) - Ron Carroll 31. Shifting Gears (Stanton Warriors Remix) - Plump DJ's 32. Club Action (Stanton Warriors Mo Bass Mix) - Unknown Artist 33. Latin Oddstep - Organic Audio 34. Direct - Future Funk Squad 35. Outsider (Original Breaks Mix) - Burufunk 36. Balls To The Wall (Stereo:Typical Pt II) - Ctrl-Z & Screwface Pres. Stereo:Type