Good Friday: The Actual Good Friday Edition

We've already had a busy week of shows, but that doesn't mean the weekend's shows will be spare. There's actually quite a few nice choices this weekend. Let's start by re-capping the oneswe've been mentioning all week.

Tonight, Those Darlins will bring their newly established rock sound to Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios along with John Wesley Coleman. Meanwhile, The Daylights, Andrew Ripp, Dallas, and Radio Revival will be at The Prophet Bar and Sleigh Bells will bring their sometimes-abrasive always-hip indie-pop to The Granada Theater with the help of headlining act CSS.

On Saturday, Novaak, Auxillary Voice, and Menkena will be at La Grange, and Fishboy will celebrate the release of his new record, Classic Creeps, at Rubber Gloves along with Spooky Folk, New Science Projects, and Alpha Bet. Also: Joe Purdy will be at The Loft, and Curren$y will be at Trees.

Lastly, on Sunday, Rooney, The Sky Bombers, and Voxhaul Broadcast will perform at Trees, Psychedelic Furs will perform all the hit(s) at Granada Theater and The Meatmen will offend you at the Double Wide.

Hit the jump for more of this weekend's shows.

Dim Locator, Old War Horse, Aaron Barker
Friday, April 22, at Dan's Silverleaf

If you want to go to a folksy, rootsy show this weekend, this isn't your only option. But it's definitely your best bet should you find yourself up in Denton tonight. The man behind the Dim Locator moniker, Will Kapinos, separates himself from the pack of modern blues Stevie Ray Vaughanabbes with old blues standards and a whiskey-soaked, filthy, dirty slide guitar.

Fox & The Bird, Ryan Thomas Becker, lalagray, David Ramirez
Friday, April 22, at Club Dada

On the other side of the folk spectrum comes this show featuring a few Dallas Family Banders with Fox & The Bird and lalagray. Ryan Thomas Becker will provide a grittier blues edge to the night, and David Ramirez will get things started with this Damien Rice-ness. A solid bill, for sure.

William Fitzsimmons, Slow Runner
Friday, April 22, at The Loft

What the folk, dude! Here's another folk show for you tonight. This one features William Fitzsimmons, whose accolades amount to a pile of television placements. He's got an interesting story, though: He was born to blind parents, and garners comparisons to Iron & Wine, Elliott Smith and other songwriter heavyweights. Plus, you should see the size of this guy's beard. Impressive.

The Heelers, The Hope Trust, Tony Ferraro
Friday, April 22, at City Tavern

Now, onto tonight's non-folk shows! Although The Heelers certainly have a rootsy appeal, their music fits more comfortably in the alt-country genre, as does opening act The Hope Trust, who are still riding high from the release of their new record Light Can't Escape. This bill is one you'll see much more commonly in Denton than in Dallas, so City Tavern offers a rare opportunity to see some Denton favorites.

I Love Math, Lousy Robot, Gardens and Villas
Friday, April 22, at Double Wide

It's been a little while since I Love Math has gotten together for a show. After all, lead singer John Dufilho has been drumming with Apples In Stereo for a few years now, and drummer Philip Peeples has been on the road with his band Old 97's promoting the release of their new record The Grand Theatre Vol. One. But when they all get together, the results are brilliant. "Josephine Street" is a near perfect pop song.  

Ricky Martin
Friday, April 22, at Verizon Theatre

We're opening up the comments for jokes about this show.

New Fumes, Browningham, George Quartz, Pinkish Black
Friday, April 22, at Lola's Saloon

This will be a pretty interesting show for the Fort Worth crowd. New Fumes' Daniel Huffman has been working hard promoting Bump & Assassination, his glitch-pop album that was the first Good Records Recordings release of 2011. And with George Quartz on the bill, things will definitely get interesting.

George Thorogood
Saturday, April 23, at Billy Bob's Texas

Which is the better song, "Bad To The Bone" or "Born To Be Wild?"

Ghostcar, Yells At Eels, Regina Chellew
Saturday, April 23, at The Kessler Theater

Seems like this experimental jazz bill has turned up more than once in recent weeks, but it's worth mentioning again, especially considering that it's taking place at the Kessler Theater. Ghostcar's lineup will feature the return of trumpet player Karl Poetschke, and Yells At Eels will feature the always-interesting work of Dennis Gonzales and family.

Sleeping In The Aviary, The Blurries
Saturday, April 23, at Double Wide

The Blurries' drummer, Bill Spellman, has been talking up Minneapolis act Sleeping In The Aviary ever since this show was booked, and with good reason. That band's tight mixture of '60s pop, soul, and Vaudeville blend together nicely. The Blurries, who used to be known as Slider Pines, will fit the bill nicely with their gritty pop.

KT Tunstall, Robert Francis, Miggs
Saturday, April 23, at Granada Theater

KT Tunstall is usually accompanied by a huge full-band production, but on this tour her performances will only feature her and a guitar. It might be an interesting take on her bluesy pop-rock, if you're into that sort of thing.

...and that's it from us. We hope you have a great weekend celebrating Easter, Passover, or whatever it is you celebrate. And after it's all over, we'll see you back here on Monday.