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Former UNT Student My Brightest Diamond Earns A Feature On Stereogum

Shara Worden's gonna ride this buzz like Seabiscuit. (Sarah Small)

Methinks someone over at Stereogum has a little crush on Dallas artists, 'cause, today, on the heels of plenty of other coverage the national music blog's tossed the D's way, comes a 'Gum Drop feature on former UNT student Shara Worden, aka My Brightest Diamond. By reading said feature, you, too, can learn that Worden used to spend plenty o' time at Club Dada back in the day...

You seem to be an Edith Piaf fan in general (judging from this and other Piaf covers). What is it that draws you to her life and her work? There's a sad romance there.

There was this period of time when I would go to Dallas for the holidays and my father would join me on accordion for a set at Club Dada. We started collecting a bunch of Edith Piaf songs for these occasions. It was a fun way for us to spend time with each other, for me to force him to get out his dusty accordion and it also saved me from having to sing "Oh holy night" at family Christmas parties each year. Grandmas love Edith Piaf.

And, while you're there, download the acoustic version of the song "Adieu Mon Coeur" that the site has up for download. Goes well with the attached reading matter, even if said material is a little, um, familiar...

When she wasn't in class, Worden was plying her craft in the clubs and coffeehouses of North Texas, where she worked with local luminaries such as Mingo Fishtrap and Paul Slavens. "My dad is an accordion player, and he played a show with me once at Club Dada where we performed a bunch of Edith Piaf songs," she says. "That night Paul Slavens had the late slot, and the night degenerated into us singing this improv duet where I was doing my French thing and he was growling out his faux French and the audience was in stitches."

Ah, the gems to be found in Mr. Noah W. Bailey's archives. --Pete Freedman