Giveaway: Two Pairs Of Tickets For MC Frontalot Saturday At The Double-Wide

The popularity of nerdcore, a subgenre of hip-hop so steeped in irony that you can practically see the air quotes framing the stage, is a phenomenon I'll never understand. But for those who are into white dudes rapping about video games or whatever, Saturday night at the Double-Wide is practically Woodstock, as nerdcore titans MC Frontalot, MC Lars, YT Cracker and Fort Worth's Rivercrest Yacht Club will all perform.

Double-Wide booking agent and DOMA-winning music advocate Chelsea Callahan has offered two pairs of tickets to DC-9 winners. The show is 21 and up, though, so underage geeks needn't bother. First two to email me with the subject line "I'm the final boss" will be on the list, plus-one. Include your name and please keep the 1337-speak to a minimum. --Jesse Hughey