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The Biggest Dallas Concert Shitshows of 2014

It's that time of the season: Time to stop and stock of all the great things we've accomplished in the past year, all the fun we've had and all the great shows we've seen. You know, end-of-the-year listicle season. But enough with all the cuddly bullshit. The end of the year more often a good reason to stop and consider everything we've fucked up lately, which can be a good and cathartic thing to do. It's also an excuse to have some fun.

The other day, we highlighted our favorite Dallas concerts from throughout 2014. Needless to say, we think there were some pretty amazing shows on the list. But there are plenty that we'll be remembering from this year for all the wrong reasons: the meltdowns, the cancelations, the bro country. So let's do this thing: the biggest shitshows of 2014.