Good Friday: Sons' 100-Year Anniversary, All Time Low, Dierks Bentley, Guster and More!

There are lots of shows happening this weekend -- and most of them are pretty good, too.

But perhaps the most notable happens all day on Saturday, when Sons of Hermann Hall will officially celebrate their 100-year anniversary. Festivities will include performances from Frohsinn Band, Shoot Low Sheriff, and The Cutlers.

But, if you don't feel like climbing the 100-year-old staircase at Sons, we've got plenty of shows that will take place on the first floor of other rooms in town, starting with the ones we've been mentioning all week.

Tonight, Guster and Jukebox The Ghost will be at House Of Blues, and Real Estate and Pure Ecstasy will be at Club Dada. Over at City Tavern, The Americanos will reunite with the help of Elkhart, Chris Gonzalez & The Brushlanders, and The Family Crude, and The JC Experience will have their hilarious variety show at La Grange. Also? Bobby Long will perform at Poor David's Pub, and Lori McKenna will be at Uncle Calvin's Coffeeshop.

On Saturday, Here Holy Spain celebrates the release of their new record Division along with Mustache Club and Hormones.

On Sunday, Manned Missiles, Babar, Caleb Ian Campbell, and Two Knights will be at Hailey's Club in Denton, while Felice Brothers will perform at The Loft along with Diamond Doves.

Oh, and The Dallas Symphony Orchestra will perform the works of Theodore Shapiro all weekend long.

More of this weekend's shows after the jump.

All Time Low, Yellowcard, Hey Monday, Summer Set
Friday, April 8, at Palladium Ballroom

While it seems that All Time Low's star is still rising, opening band Yellowcard is working hard to keep theirs lit. Luckily for both bands, there's still a big market for pop-punk or mall-punk, and the young ones continue turning out for these shows. That's something that Yellowcard is banking on, because as they get older, their fans keep staying the same age -- for now.

The Damnwells, Harper Blynn, Salim Nourallah, Howard Jennings
Friday, April 8, at Sons of Hermann Hall

It's been eight years since The Damnwells released their debut, Bastards Of The Beat, which happened to be their biggest album to date. They still have yet to match its critical success, but that hasn't stopped lead singer-songwriter Alex Dezen and company from cranking out three more albums in its wake. The aptly named 2011 album title basically says it all -- No One Listens To The Band Anymore. Hopefully, though, with the help of Salim Nourallah and a handful of other bands on the bill, The Damnwells can prove the album title false for at least one night.

Dierks Bentley
Friday, April 8, at Billy Bob's Texas

Seems like an awful lot of vowels for just one syllable.

Fate Lions, The Slow Burners, Till We're Blue Or Destroy
Friday, April 8, at Lola's Saloon

Fort Worth pop-rock act Fate Lions will headline this strong-to-quite-strong bill, which includes Denton's The Slow Burners and Austin's Till We're Blue Or Destroy. Though they've managed to keep any Dallas-proper bands out of the mix, this may prove to be the strongest show in Fort Worth tonight. Sorry, Dierks.

Singapore Slingers
Friday, April 8, at The Kessler Theater

One of the area's most unique musical acts, The Singapore Slingers specialize in '30s jazz, rags and foxtrots. The Kessler is a great place to see this band play, seeing as it's not just four guys with guitars. This well-orchestrated band regularly features more than 10 players during their light-hearted performances, and the Kessler's sound system will keep the mix clear as a bell.

The Basement Reunion
Saturday, April 9, at Trees

The folks who used to frequent The Basement, a North Dallas metal venue whose heyday was in the '80s and '90s, love to get together and remember the old days. The last reunion took place in 2009 at The Lakewood Theater, and this time it'll happen at Trees. Bands on the bill include Brand New Machine, Disciple, Donny Rod, DT Roxx, and many more.

Cocky Americans, Les Americains, Cory Howe
Saturday, April 9, at Club Dada

This typical Double Wide bill has moved east a few blocks, where it will grace the still fairly new stage at Club Dada. It's a good bill, too. With Cocky Americans' polished, garage-heavy sound, and Les Americains' straightforward rock, it should be an energetic night -- one which might make opener change his name to Cory "America" Howe.

The Flowers Of God, The Roomsounds, Till We're Blue Or Destroy
Saturday, April 9, at Double Wide

Former Lift To Experience drummer Andy Young was able to add his new band The Flowers Of God to this bill at the last minute, and it's a good thing he did. The Roomsounds still don't have the draw to headline, and Till We're Blue Or Destroy is from Austin. 

Black Oak Arkansas
Sunday, April 10, at The Bone

The Bone might be a far cry from the festival stages that Black Oak Arkansas played in the '70s, thanks mostly to their hit Southern-rock song "Jim Dandy To The Rescue." But, after 37 years, these Southern rock pioneers are still at it -- long hair and all. So, unless you've somehow found yourself at the Stone Stour show at the Verizon Theatre on Sunday, head to The Bone in Deep Ellum to see some rock 'n' roll history.

...and that's it from us. We hope you have a good weekend, and we'll see you back here on Monday!