The Best Songs in Dallas Music, 2009: galleryCat and "Say Say Say" Speak Volumes En Route to No. 17 On Our List

[Editor's Note: Over the next couple of weeks, I'll be presenting my favorite local songs of the year, counting down from No. 25 to No. 1, one track a day. Today, we take an in-depth look at song No. 17 on the list--and click after the jump for a free download of the track. Lastly, keep checking back to see how the list pans out, and, also after the jump, check out songs No. 40-26 in the Top 40 list that will update as it grows...]

No. 17: galleryCat -- "Say Say Say"

Back when we first caught him, just as the calendar had turned to 2009, Angelo Gonzales' galleryCat stage persona boasted something of a gimmick--namely, the fact that he performed while wearing a wildcat mask he'd borroewd from high school mascot costume.

In the following weeks, Gonzales was unmasked. But revealing himself hardly left his eight-bit- and synth-influenced skater-hop any less innovative or catchy.

Bonus mp3:

galleryCat -- "Say Say Say"

galleryCat -- "Say Say Say"

From its opening, "Say Say Say" makes its position clear as a fast-moving, electronic earworm-to-be, one that, admittedly, borders on headache-inducing. But be fair, and credit how much is actually happening there in the beat. It's mind-spinning, actually. Off the wall.

But even more impressive here is the fact that, on top of this over-the-top beat, Gonzales somehow manages to more hold his own, even stealing the spotlight away during the beat's incredibly interesting pace-changing transitions. And, in doing so, Gonzales has done more than simply produce a track worth listening; he's crafted his defining track--both for him and his musical style--and established himself as a lovelorn skate-hopper with something to say and a compelling way of saying it.

From the verse to the chorus and everything in between, galleryCat's "Say Say Say" is perhaps the top example of the kind of honest, innovative hip-hop DFW should be proud to call its own.

The Top 40 Local Songs of 2009 (Links to music videos and free song downloads available where applicable; links to streams where neither a download nor video exists.)
40. The Wax Museums -- "Safety in Numbers"
39. Macon Greyson -- "Pushing Strings"
38. The Burning Hotels -- "Austin's Birthday" (video)
37. The Riverboat Gamblers -- "DissDissDissKissKissKiss" (video)
36. Salim Nourallah -- "Endless Dream Days"
35. The Phuss -- "Preacher, Preacher"
34. The Southern Sea -- "These Things Always End Badly"
33. Fungi Girls -- "Pacifica Nostalgia"
32. Giggle Party -- "Jason Bought a Hatchet" (video)
31. Carter Albrecht -- "Country Living" (stream)
30. This Old House -- "At Risk"
29. Occult Detective Club -- "You'll Follow Me" 
28. Bad Sports -- "Nothing But Agitation"
27. Darktown Strutters -- "Quakertown"
26. The Crash That Took Me -- "Patricia Lynn" (stream)
25. Red Monroe -- "Pat Mayse Lake"
24. Danny Balis -- "Tethered"
23. Sleep Whale -- "Cotton Curls"
22. PVC Street Gang -- "Cutlass" (video)
21. Air Review -- "Jura"
20. Xrabit & Damaged Good$ -- "Follow the Leader" (video)
19. Doug Burr -- "The Righteous Will Rejoice"
18. Seryn -- "We Will All Be Changed"
17. galleryCat -- "Say Say Say"
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...and be sure to keep checking back, as this list will update daily