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The 10 Best Dallas Metal Venues

Since the days of Joe's Garage, North Texas' metal venues have hosted some groundbreaking local bands like Rigor Mortis, Pantera and Drowning Pool with mosh pits reaching same intensity as the ones appearing at summer festivals at Gexa Energy Pavilion in Dallas, Dr Pepper Arena in Frisco or Quicktrip Park in Grand Praire.

As any old metalhead in the "metalplex" will tell you that finding an appropriate place to allow the electric guitars to shred and the mosh pit to grow hasn't always been easy. In the early '80s, most metal bands had to sacrifice to the gods of thunder in a pasture as part of Jerry Warden's "Heavy Meadows" extravaganza, an event that always ended with people taking a nature hike to dodge police helicopters.

Today, dozens of venues showcasing local and national metal acts can be found across North Texas, and when one disappears, two more take their place. To pay homage to these bar owners who put up with the mosh pit and the messy aftermath that sometimes follow when you get a group of people fueled with too many whiskey shots moving in a circle with their elbows leading the way, here's a list of the best metal venues in North Texas to "let the bodies hit the floor."